I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for quilting and participating in the community of quilters. This site offers tips and tutorials, reflections on projects, and original quilt patterns. I started quilting in the last century, but it took a back seat to raising my family and my career as a university librarian. Now my three kids are well grown and I am a part-time information technology professor at a community college. So the quilting obsession has found its way back into my life in a big way.

At heart I am a learner and a teacher. I enjoy learning about quilting and making all kinds of quilts. I especially love designing quilts, both the creative design work and the technical aspects of bringing a design to life. My goal is to design quilt patterns that other quilters will love and have fun making.

I have an amazing family including my life partner and soul mate otherwise known as my husband, our three wonderful children and their families. Four grandchildren! My husband and I enjoy sailing on our boat Wind Shadow whenever we can. It does mean time away from the sewing machine, but time on the water always refreshes my spirit.

~ Sandy Maxfield, SandyStar Designs


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