Add a Drawstring to Reversible Bucket Hat

I love to make reversible bucket hats for the little people in my life. This adorable hat is a pattern from Oliver + S that you can make in less than a day. I usually choose a fancy or crazy print for one side and a plainer print for the other side to give the kiddos a fashion choice. We are a boating family, so for us these are sailing hats and of course they need straps so they won't blow away in the wind. This tutorial shows how I add a drawstring that works really well with the basic reversible hat.

Make the Reversible Bucket Hat

First make a cute hat! The Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat pattern is well written and easy to follow. I followed the pattern instructions as written, except I didn't have any sew-in interfacing so I used fusible interfacing. If you haven't worked with any of the awesome Oliver + S patterns this is definitely a good one to start with. Safety Note: This type of drawstring is not safe for infants but it works great for toddlers and older children.

Project Supply List

  1. Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat (1)
  2. Dritz Large Eyelets, 1/4" size (2)
  3. Dritz Eyelet Tool, for 1/4" eyelets
  4. Hammer and a hammer safe surface
  5. Dritz Cord Stops (2)
  6. Drawstring Cord, 1/4" wide and 42" long
  7. Pen and Small Scissors

Eyelet Instructions

  1. The eyelet pliers tool will not work on this project because the eyelets are too far away from the edge. Use the eyelet anvil tool instead.
  2. Mark the position of eyelet by tracing inside of eyelet near each side seam.
  3. Carefully cut the hole with small scissors.
  4. Insert eyelet top (deep half) into hole from the under side.
  5. On top side, place shallow half of eyelet over center of eyelet top.
  6. On the under side, position eyelet top on the anvil.
  7. On the top side, insert tool into eyelet center and hammer gently. Center of eyelet will split to secure eyelet.

Drawstring Instructions

  1. You can either buy 1/4" drawstring cord or make 1/4" bias tape like I did.
  2. Cut the drawstring cord 42" long.
  3. Fold the cord in half and insert the folded end through a cord stop. I find it helpful to use sewing tweezers, a stiletto, or something else thin and stiff to help push the cord through the cord stop.
  4. Tie a single knot in the folded end of the cord to keep it from pulling back through the cord stop.
  5. On the top side of the hat, thread the cut ends of the cord through the eyelets.
  6. Insert both cut ends of the cord through a cord stop.
  7. Tie a single knot in the cut ends to keep them from pulling back through the cord stop.


You have added a practical drawstring to use with both sides of the reversible bucket hat. A gift that little kiddos and their parents will appreciate!