Caribbean Waves Quilt


Today's quilt finish is a "procrastiquilt" or a quilt I made instead of working on other projects already in the pipeline. A few months ago I experimented with ways to insert curved strips into blocks and ended up with a pile of leftover practice squares. When I cleaned up my studio (aka guest room) for the Thanksgiving holiday that enticing pile of blue squares with lime green curves was uncovered. Ooh, colorful! What could I do with these blocks?

Improv Chop and Piece

Surveying the pile I thought there was enough raw material for a wall quilt. I chopped the squares up into rectangles and played around with various arrangements. After much twisting and turning I decided I liked them best in rows that looked like choppy waves. The choppy green waves on the vivid blue reminded me of long ago sailing vacations in the Caribbean. (The waves really are lime green, but they look more yellow in my photo. Oh well.) I added the gradient pink stripes for a touch of the awesome island sunsets and finished it off with wavy quilting for a layer of ocean texture.
Caribbean Waves, 2017 24.5" x 34.5"
Maybe I should get back to my regularly scheduled quilting now. Nah, bring on the rum punch and let's sail away! ~Sandy Day 3 of The 2017 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge