Color and Clarity Quilt Finish

Color and Clarity Quilt Finish

I'm excited to share my completed Color and Clarity quilt today. The idea for this modern quilt came together pretty quickly and I am in love with these cool, clear diamonds. The quilt title refers to two of the 4C's (color, clarity, cut, and carat) that experts use to describe the quality of diamonds, or so I have heard. I have zero expertise with real diamonds, but I sure like them in fabric! Color and Clarity Quilt full size

Awesome Tri-Recs Tool

I made the diamond blocks using the EZ Tri-Recs Tool. This clever tool is a set of two rulers. You use one ruler to cut triangles and the other ruler to cut matching half rectangles which together make perfect triangle-in-a-square blocks. Sew two of the triangle-in-a-square blocks together, et voilà, you have a beautiful diamond block. Tri-Recs Tool If you aren't familiar with the Tri-Recs tool take a look at this great video tutorial posted by Fons & Porter: Sew Easy: Tri-Recs Tool - A Must Have Quilting Notion

Quilting Design

I pieced the white background with individual squares instead of using larger chunks of fabric so I could use the block seams as guides for quilting diamond shapes. The point-to-point quilting design was a bit time consuming but easy enough to manage with a walking foot. The quilt measures about 32" wide by 48" long and soon will be hanging in my sewing studio. Color and Clarity Quilt detail ~ Cheers, Sandy