Quarter Log Cabin Variation

Recently I participated in a log cabin miniquilt swap. I had never made a log cabin quilt before and it was a fun opportunity to play with a traditional pattern.

My blocks were going to be small (miniquilt after all) so I decided to draft foundation paper piecing (FPP) templates. FPP can be a bit fussy but the results have amazing precision.

I also decided to work with quarter log cabin blocks instead of full log cabin blocks. I made a couple of scrap samples first, one larger and then a smaller one, just to make sure I had the technique down.

Sample quarter log cabin blocks.

My samples had thick and thin logs. For my final design I decided to go with uniform sizes for the logs to achieve the layered look I had in mind.

I precut my log pieces to be one inch larger that the logs on the template. This gives plenty of room for seam allowances.

Precut log pieces.

The quarter log cabin blocks for this miniquilt were 2 1/2" finished.

Foundation paper piecing in process.

The miniquilt finished size was 20" square. I outline quilted around all the light colored edges to emphasize the layers. This little quilt is now in its new home in Germany!

Quarter Log Cabin MIniquilt Finished

Log cabin blocks are easy to paper piece because the pattern is so regular. If you have never tried FPP this is a good first block to try.

You can Google to find many online tutorials on FPP. Basically you sew the fabric to the foundation paper, following the sewing lines on the template. After the piecing is complete you trim the units and remove the paper.

If you are interested I could share my templates and do a beginner tutorial in a future post. Let me know in the comments.