Sew Let's Quilt Along Block 9

It is July, how in the world did that happen!? For Block 9 of the Sew Let's Quilt Along Kathleen McCormick has designed a block that says it all ... I Love to Quilt! You can find the block pattern to download on Kathleen's blog at Kathleen McMusing.

I Love to Quilt Block.
My version of the I Love to Quilt Block
designed by Kathleen McCormick.

My Tips for Block 9

Cutting Applique Letters: First I fused an 8" square of Steam-A-Seam 2 double stick fusible web to the back of my fabric. (Well yes, in this case my fabric is a solid color so it doesn't really have a back.) Next I traced the letters on the remaining paper side of the fusible web, using my LED lightbox to help see the letters for tracing. My lightbox was only about $20 on Amazon, well worth it! Then I used small, sharp scissors to cut out the shapes. The Karen Buckley 6-inch scissors with a serrated edge are perfect for this job. When you are cutting curves and shapes you should hold the scissors in one place and move the fabric. I tuck my scissors arm against my body for stability and use my other hand to maneuver the fabric.

Tools for applique: LED lightbox and sharp scissors.
Incredibly useful tools for applique: an LED lightbox and small, sharp scissors.

Fabric Choices: Since I have been using fabrics from the Blueberry Park line for this QAL I have many bits and pieces in a basket on my cutting table. I selected several for the colorful parts of this block. In addition the letters are a solid red and the background is a neutral grey/white text print. I considered using the back side of the orange flower print, which as you can see below would have been more yellow with a subtler flower print. In the end I decided to go with the full on wild flowery orange. It is good to remember though that you can use the back side of fabrics for a different effect. Double your options, double your print stash!

Fabric cut for I Love to Quilt Block.
Pieces all cut for the I Love to Quilt Block.

Working With the Stitches Patches: The pattern gives you a choice of two methods for making the stitches patches, either piecing or fusing. I chose the piecing method and it was so much fun! It involves piecing multiple strips together so having an accurate 1/4" seam is important. If you want a refresher check out this post on How to Sew an Accurate Quarter Inch Seam.

I totally agree with Kathleen's recommendation to starch your fabrics before cutting strips. It will help you make more accurate cuts and it will help keep the strips straight as you sew. Starch makes fabric behave!

The strip set is generously sized so you will be able to square up the edges before you cut the four 3/4" strips. Those final strips are kind of stretchy which actually helps when you attach the strips to the center square. You can ease the strip length slightly to line up the stitches where you want them to start and end. Lots of pins will also help tame that stretchy strip. Note, the strips are longer than you need so you will have to remove one or two bits on each end.


The absolute best thing is sharing and seeing what everyone is making. Even if you are not keeping up with the schedule or posting for the prize drawings we still want to see what you are making!

You will find announcements and plenty of other quilters to cheer you on in the Partners in Design Facebook Group.

On Instagram you should use #SewLetsQAL on your posts. Be sure to follow the hashtag so you can see what everyone else is making.

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Amazing Sponsors

We are lucky to have amazing sponsors on board with some fabulous prizes for this QAL! In addition, many of the block designers are donating quilt patterns for the prize packages.

Prize Drawings

There will be a prize drawing at the end of each segment and then a grand prize drawing at the end of the whole QAL. The prizes are open to participants who are at least 18 years old.

Segment Prizes

To be eligible to win a segment prize, you need to make all of the blocks from that segment. Then share a photo (or photos) of your blocks in a single post to be entered in the drawing at the end of each segment. This block finishes up Segment 2. So plan to post your Blocks 6-9 between July 2 and July 15 for the Segment 2 prize drawing. Good luck!

Segment 2 Sponsors
Amazing sponsors for the Segment 2 prize package. Show them some love!
Segment 2 Pattern Prizes

Grand Prize

To be eligible to win the grand prize, you need to make all 13 blocks and turn them into a quilt top or other projects. Quilt tops don't need to be quilted, but projects do need to be finished. Share a single post at the end of the quilt along that shows all of the blocks in a quilt top or other projects. It doesn't matter how many projects or what projects you make, or how many blocks you use in each project, as long as you show that you have used all 13 blocks in a finished quilt top or projects.

How to Enter the Prize Drawings

There are three places you can share your blocks to be entered in the random prize drawings. Each participant will only be entered once in each drawing, even if you post in multiple places.

  • Facebook - share your blocks in the Partners in Design Facebook Group
  • Instagram - Share your blocks with hashtag #SewLetsQAL
  • Blog Linky - The hosts will share a link-up on their wrap-up posts at the end of each segment.