Piece and Quilt with Precuts – Gridwork Pattern

It’s a Blog Hop!

I am thrilled to participate in the blog hop for Christa Watson’s new book Piece and Quilt with Precuts. It was great fun getting a preview copy of the book and choosing one of the patterns to make for the blog hop. The book is now available and you can buy a signed copy (woo hoo!) from Christa’s shop here.

Gridwork Pattern

All of the eleven patterns in the book are fresh and appealing, but I was particularly drawn to the Gridwork pattern. Those funky, chunky blocks were calling my name. Not only that, but they were also calling me to cut into my favorite stash of Blueberry Park fabric designed by Karen Lewis for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The pattern is written for 10″ and 5″ squares, but I found that it translated easily into using fat quarters. I used cool prints with just a sprinkling of warmer colors and I am delighted with the way it turned out.

And Quilting Too …

One of the many fabulous things about the book is that Christa has paired her patterns with instructions for a coordinating quilting design. I used the Wavy Grid quilting pattern for my quilt. This walking foot quilting design creates a wonderful texture. It looks “fancy” but those wavy lines are super easy and practically fool-proof. I am definitely going to be quilting wavy grids again.

Plus a Giveaway!

8/31/17 Update: Congratulations to Judy Rianprakaisang who was randomly chosen as the lucky winner of the free e-book! Wouldn’t you love to get a free e-copy of Christa’s Piece and Quilt with Precuts book? Just leave a comment below sharing what kind of quilting you prefer. Do you mostly do hand quilting, walking foot, free motion, or send it out to a longarmer? At the end of the blog hop on Aug. 30 I will randomly pick one person from the comments to receive a free e-book. It could be you!

Blog Hop Links

Click here to see the whole schedule for the blog hop. Be sure to visit all the bloggers each day to see more fun quilts from the book and there may even be more giveaways.

~ Sandy

105 thoughts to “Piece and Quilt with Precuts – Gridwork Pattern”

  1. I just watched Christa’s class demonstrating this wavy grid quilting. I really liked that you could make it as open or as dense as you want. It looks so perfect on your quit!

  2. I’m all about the wavy grid. Seems that’s what I do naturally when trying to stitch in the ditch, so I’m excited to try it and hope it’s forgiving 🙂 I use my regular foot. I use my walking foot, and it seemed to want to skip to my Lou, than walk!

  3. Mostly I do walking foot, but lately I’ve gotten into quilting with rulers. I’m trying to learn free motion but don’t have the confidence.

  4. I use a regular foot. My sewing machine has a small throat, so it’s tough. Hopefully someday I’ll get a larger one!

  5. Love the looks of this book- perfect for my holiday wish list! I feel most comfortable with my walking foot, but have tried some FMQ and it was really fun (but nerve wracking since it was a gift I working on!)

  6. This year I have been quilting all of my quilts on my little domestic machine. I feel more confident with a walking foot, but the simple free motion designs are quicker. So I do some of both. Would love this book! Thx.

  7. Your quilt is great. I use my walking foot to quilt. Typically, I outline the basics and go from there. Wavy lines have appeared on more than one of my borders.

  8. Hi Sandy it’s nice to meet you via our Blog. All walking foot quilting for this gal, thanks to Christa’s book that I have (Machine Quilting with Style) Indeed Wavy Lines are the fool proof method…I always feel like I’m dancing as I manuever my quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Mostly I do SID or grid work; occasionally I do a wavy line using the walking foot. Just too timid yet for FMQ and really can’t afford to quilt by checkbook as a routine.

  10. I really enjoy free motion quilting, even though I’m pretty new to it. It’s like drawing with thread!

  11. I do not do any hand quilting. I am strictly a machine quilter and do as much as I posibly can on the machine, including binding. Like many quilters, I feel most confidant and comfortable with my walking foot. However, I really enjoy free motion quilting because of the many pattern possibilities, plus I think FMQ shows a quilter’s personality and creativity. I keep working to build my repertoire and recently became longarm certified so I can quilt my own large quilts. Thankfully, I pretty much can quilt any size quilt now and don’t have the need to use a longarmer.

  12. I mainly do walking foot quilting because my harp space is pretty small, but I love free motion! This book would be heavenly to have! I hate picking out patterns to quilt, and to have both the pattern and the quilting designs to go with would be wonderful! Jadahlgr at Yahoo dot Com

  13. Great quilt. Love the fabric choice and your wavy quilt lines. My quilting choice depends on the project. For smaller projects I do free motion or walking foot. With large quilts I rent the long arm at my local quilt shop. Haven’t done any hand quilting but it is on my bucket list.

  14. I am half free motion and half longarm (since I have two quilty friends who longarm, and I like to support their businesses). I occasionally do straight-line quilting, but that’s when I just want to get it done!

  15. Gorgons Quilt! Most of my machine quilting is done with a walking foot. I have not practiced free motion quilting enough to feel confident using it.

  16. Thanks for the great blog hop! I need all the inspiration and helpful tips on quilting as I’m just learning but happy to give most things a try!

  17. I quilt my own quilts- have not mastered quickly yet! I like feed dog and free motion on my domestic machine. Working on ruler work a bit.

  18. I do a lot of machine quilting with my walking foot, but am venturing into free-motion with some hesitation – practice, practice, practice! I love the fabrics in your quilt – very appealing and the wavy gridwork quilting works wonderfully.

  19. I send out the majority of my quilts to a long armer who uses digital pantographs. It’s affordable, she does a great job, and it allows me to start another quilt while I wait! I’m learning to quilt my own, though. I love using the walking foot when I do.

  20. I usually quilt using machine free motion on anything baby size or smaller. Larger quilts I send to a longarmer. Love your quilt!

  21. This design lends itself to so many possibilities, that’s what I love about it. I machine quilt with a walking foot. I’m still quite wobbly but have very good intentions to practice, practice, practice.

  22. I have only quilted a couple of doll quilts using straight lines. I usually quilt by checkbook, although I have been thinking of trying to do it myself. Thank you for sharing your quilt…I love the colors and it looks great.

  23. I’ve done a little hand quilting but mostly free motion and walking foot on my home machine. Hope I’m the lucky one!

  24. I used to hand quilt back before the day job. Now I don’t seem to have the time as there’s usually something colorful under the machine needle. Would love to get more comfortable machine quilting with my domestic! Help!

  25. I hand quilt and send quilts out to be long arm quilted. Some patterns just aren’t made for hand quilting. Long arm quilling has gotten so expensive though, I have had to be careful on what I send.

  26. So far in my fairly new quilt career, I’ve tied one and sewn one using a walking foot (which was fairly successful, I guess). Your color choices are wonderful in the quilt you just featured. Thank you!

  27. Love your fabric choice for this quilt!. I started as a hand quilter and still do some tops that way. If I machine quilt it is with a walking foot which is really very versatile. If it is a large quilt or needs FMQ type quilting it goes to a long armer.

  28. Love your fabric selection. I know how hard it is to cut into cherished fabric. I use a walking foot. I need to grow and try new things.

  29. Totally love the fabric you are using and the wavy grid quilting pattern looks great! I am just starting quilting so the walking foot is the easiest, and favorite, right now. Planning to try some freemotion quilting soon.

  30. This quilt is beautiful! I usually free motion my own on my Bernina, but have been venturing into using my dual feed or walking foot for quilting. This is more inspiration!

  31. your quilt turned out great. That’s a really nice pattern. I mostly do free motion on my quilts. Thanks for sharing the great giveaway!

  32. I have previously been doing walking foot quilting but just recently started doing free motion quilting and actually really like it.

  33. I really like the quilt pattern you chose…and I love Blueberry Park fabric designs.
    I enjoy using my walking foot to quilt my own quilts. I love to be able to say “I did it all myself!”

  34. I am learning to quilt using my walking foot. I started with straight lines and they were always crooked. Then I Saw Christa’s wavy lines and tried that wandering wavy lines and was amazed at how wonderful it looked. Love you quilt and I want to make it.

  35. I often do a mixture of walking foot and free motion, lately I have been adding some big-stitch hand quilting into the mix. Everyone once in awhile I will hand quilt (the way I was taught) a whole quilt. Your quilt looks great.

  36. I have quilted in variety of ways. Mostly depends on size of quilt. Queen or larger quilt on long arm rented at local shop. Smaller I attempt on home machine either free motion or walking foot. Only one large quilt was by hand.

  37. I’ve only made a handful of quilts so straight lines with my walking foot is all I’ve attempted…so far! How encouraging to see a walking foot option with curves 🙂

  38. Unfortunately, most of my quilt tops sit in a drawer. BUT that is changing as Christa has inspired me to bring out those tops and machine quilt them. I will be starting with a walking foot pattern.

  39. I prefer quilting that is done – ha ha. It really depends on the project, but I love it when I get into a groove on my domestic machine.

  40. Walking foot quilting works best for me. I have a pfaff which means there is no bulky walking foot. I would like to get bet at FMQ.

  41. I like the look of this technique! It might be just what I need to finish a UFO I didn’t know how to quilt. Simple, easy, get it done!!

  42. I love your quilt!… (The “beauty” picture of it on Christa’s post is wonderful!… And your Instagram photo of it!)
    I free motion quilt on my vintage sewing machine (Singer 301)
    I’m interested in trying a little hand quilting (but, I’m already so slow in sewing, I’m not sure that will happen!… Maybe I’ll try just adding a little bit to my machine quilting!)
    Pat T.

  43. Love the colors on your quilt-so pretty-the quilting is perfect! Only a quilter for a year, so I am using a walking foot too, but must try the wavy lines! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  44. I do quilting by checkbook – I send it out. I have a processing issue to an illness and prior medication for cancer and I have difficulties flip flopping designs in my head. You probably think a math major could do that. It’s always been difficult for me and now it’s worse. So when I know I want to make the mirror image of something I get very tense and usually freeze up. It utter terror instead of any kind of fun.

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